Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sweet lumps of love

The pups are thriving (including our little guy with the arm injury) they are nursing, "talking", and really getting around! They all had their dew claws removed on Thursday, and have not missed a beat.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Puppies have arrived!

What an exciting day here in the Simpson house! Gypsy's puppies arrived!! Derek and I took turns being "on alert" Monday night as her panting started in the early evening. The first pup arrived 10:37am and the last was delivered at 3:07pm... It was a long day! 5 Boys and 4 girls, and they are beautiful.
The last one born, a cute little boy has a little injury or something (I don't really want to say a deformity, as it really isn't). It's almost as if the skin did not form properly on his right front leg. He was in his sack, had a normal birth, Gypsy did all she needed to do, he was "talking" and eating, and in all other aspects is perfect. We took him to the vet and he is now on antibiotics, and we will see how he does in the next couple of days. She did not feel it was broken, but really couldn't say what had happened. If he weren't eating and thriving otherwise she might have had other concerns. We think it may be a circulation issue, with having 8 siblings he might have been short on room in there!!
Gypsy is doing SO GREAT!! She was tried by about puppy #5, but she pushed through (literally). Jinx and Maci were on hand shortly after all were born, took a sniff and wandered off probably wondering what all the commotion was about...
MANY thanks to Rachel from Haines Road Grooming who was a WONDERFUL mid-wife to Gypsy. (and so calming for the rest of us!)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Story of Us

Our search for a silver lab began back in 2005 when, after having our sweet Pandi (white boxer/bull dog mix) for 9 years, she was diagnosed with cancer. Shortly thereafter she made her journey across the Rainbow Bridge. It was a sad time for all of us.

We had gotten our chocolate lab Maci in 2000, the year we were married, and the two dogs quickly became inseparable. We were concerned that Maci had always had Pandi around, and now after 5 years to be left alone? We said from day one we would have labs for the rest of our lives. Their disposition and attitude fit our family perfectly. I searched for a lab with unique features and finally came across a "Silver" lab. I had never heard that color in a lab before. After doing some research I learned that the silvers are essentially diluted chocolate labs (the charcoals are diluted black labs). So we pressed forward and found a breeder just north of Ocala. We put down a deposit and waited to hear the news of the latest litter. We requested the biggest female as we were the first to choose. Once we saw our puppy it was love at first sight. Hannah named her Gypsy and I added Jewel (silver and all) on the way home. We liked the ring of it. Grandma Cha Cha and Grandpa Rick added a four legged friend to the family the same week. Gypsy and Bay Breeze (an American water spaniel) are the best of friends (see slideshow for pics).

Maci got to training Gypsy right away. There was no hesitation of friendship on either dog's part. We were very lucky.We had intended to breed Maci years prior, but as I always joke that was before we had our "litter" of two legged kids; the timing was just never right...She is a great dog, and will be a wonderful "Aunt" to these pups!

As Gypsy approached her two year birthday we started to look into a male for her. We hoped to find a silver lab here locally and give pick of the litter. We did not have any luck, so we moved to plan B; find an older male and add to the family. After a lot of searching we found a male silver in Arkansas, and Simpson's Silver HighJinx (Jinx for short) joined our family in June of 2008.
Our dogs are absolutely part of our family. They are part of everything that we do. Our children have been around animals of every kind from day one, and our dogs are socialized with the kids, dogs, and a variety of other animals. They sleep with us, eat with us, play and swim with us. Our world is a much better place with the company of animals!
We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the pups. They are due mid-August.

I am hoping to use this blog to keep those interested in puppies up to date on what is going on with the "kids", post pictures, etc.

Proud Parents to Be: Gypsy (left) and Jinx (right)